"The power of abstract art is that it appeals to people on an intuitive level,” Metier says. “It goes way beyond reason.”

Brian Clark and Eric Groshon, Coloradan Magazine,

University of Colorado, Boulder  "Art Beyond Reason" 10/1/2014

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"The neo-modern character of Metier's work, which riffs on various currents in early-twentieth-century European vanguard art — with a tip of the hat to good old Yankee Doodle Dandy abstract expressionism — means that the exhibit at Havu invariably resonates with the Denver Art Museum's Modern Masters and the Clyfford Still Museum's 1959, which are on view only a few blocks away. Preconceived Notions runs through June 7 at Havu, 1040 Cherokee Street.

    Michael Paglia, Westword
New Work From Amy Metier Fills the Main Space at Havu
 May 15, 2014



"Metier is fully grounded in the act of judging the relationship of the line and organic elements, a talent augmented by her ability to at some point let go of the idea of form and allow the subconscious to engage the at hand. Thats when lyrical paintinsg by this adept colorist cohere into statements of abstraction."

    Excerpted from the book Colorado Abstract/Paintings and Sculpture
written by Michael Paglia and Mary Chandler
 (Fresco Fine Art Publications, Albuquerque), 2009


 "Metier begins with an actual subject, and then, using her expressive brushwork, turns it into an abstract composition; though more representational than usual for her, these paintings were still very much a part of her classic style."

Michael Paglia,  Westword, Best of Denver, Best Abstract Trio, March 28, 2013

"(Metier)...is one of the state's acknowledged masters of abstraction...initial lines determine the placement of the colors, while the subsequent lines on top organize and define the compositions.  Metier's palettes are amazing, with some paintings using earthy, muted color schemes and others screaming with vibrant tones."

Michael Paglia, Westword,  April 8, 2010
  "Last call to see Amy Metier, Bruce Price and Eric Michael Corrigan Shows"


"She debuts with a fine little abstraction, "Light Study," a geometry of pinks and peaches that goes dark around the edges, turning brown and ultramarine. The vertical rectangles suggest an architectural space; the pale colors conjure up light coming through a window."

 Margaret Regan, Tucson Weekly, “A Little Creativity”, June 18, 2009

"Among Metier's many strengths is her spot-on sense of color. Each painting features a lyrically compatible palette, usually in sunny tones of yellow, orange, blue and pink. There are a couple of instances in this show where the artist does dark, moody paintings. First among them is "Mouse Trap," in creamy grays and rich blacks that have been accented by white and umber."

 "Metier is apparently one of the top abstract painters in Colorado and has been for a long time."

      Michael Paglia, Westword,  "Smear Factor", June 9, 2005

"But I've always felt that her style comes out of the even older post-impressionist tradition; Metier used to talk about the importance of the cubists and the futurists to the development of her signature style.

The new paintings, collages and mixed-media pieces at Havu demonstrate what I mean. The compositions seem more obviously linear than those of her earlier pieces, with "drawn" lines slashing across the uppermost surfaces.  These lines often exist right at the picture plane, with the colored forms receding behind them and being defined by them. That relationship between the lines and the forms suggests that there are representational images hidden in the abstract flourishes, though what they are is hard to say."

    Michael Paglia, Westword, "Abstract Art and Sculpture Blend Beautifully at Havu and Z", 5/16/12



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